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Since 2007, PromoJukeBox has been the industry's go-to choice for premium watermarked promotion solutions, trusted by companies such as PIAS, Beggars, BMG, Mute, Domino, Sony, UNI, Cooperative, Kobalt, AWAL, Cargo, Sub Pop, Nettwerk, and more.

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PromoJukeBox has a complete ecosystem for easy promotion. Recipients can listen, give feedback and you can automatically create great PDF reports directly from their feedback.
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Enter Shikari x AViVA - Strangers (Beastie Butterfly) Enter Shikari x AViVA - Strangers (Beastie Butterfly)
Enter Shikari x AViVA - Strangers

We love to protect your music!

HEIDEVOLK - Wederkeer (Download) (ALL NOIR)
Another Sky - Swirling Smoke (Virgin Music Germany)
Po Purple - Corey (bea1)
Hot Water Music - Remnants (Beastie Butterfly)
SOLAR EYES - (At Least) Paranoia Loves You (Direct Radio Promotions Ltd)
Parcels - Reflex - From Le Palace Paris (Radio Edit) (Virgin Music Germany)
Tenside - Come Alive Dying (Beastie Butterfly)
Mine - Baum (Virgin Music Germany)
Egyptian Blue -  A Living Commodity (Virgin Music Germany)
SWANSONG - Become (Single) (ALL NOIR)
Sky Empire - Wayfarer (Single) (ALL NOIR)
Dust Bolt - Burning Pieces (Beastie Butterfly)
SOLBRUD - T├ąge (Single) (ALL NOIR)
Mackenzy Mackay - The One That You Call (Direct Radio Promotions Ltd)
Shy Cookie Feat MC Neat  - You Got Me (Dope Ammo Remix) (bea1)
Final Stair - An Artist I Die (Beastie Butterfly)
Dope Ammo Ft Jasmine Knight - Feeling Good (bea1)
Soen - Memorial (Beastie Butterfly)
MICHAEL VOSS - Rockers Rollin' (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt) (ALL NOIR)
GODTHRYMM - Distortions (ALL NOIR)
Generate impressive mailings for Radio, Press and Media to present your music protected by our watermark to key decision-makers in the industry. Allow your recipients to listen, provide feedback, and automatically generate comprehensive PDF reports directly from their feedback. Decision-makers can access your music via their PJB music library to find everything in one place. more info...
The protection of music, artists, and their revenues is an integral part of every label operation and promotional strategies. Our unique watermarking technology offers robust protection for your music against leaks. Especially crucial in the promotion and pre-release stages, watermarking ensures that recipients handle your music more responsibly, as their identity is traceable, and any leakage could have severe consequences.

However, even after release, in an era dominated by freemium streaming services, watermarking your work has become crucial. Each leak circulating offline not only reduces potential revenue but also diminishes your artist's visibility. In today's world, visibility is the most important currency for any artist. Therefore, ensuring that your music is watermarked is essential for maintaining both revenue and your artist's visibility.

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Why PromoJukeBox?

With our watermarking technology you can protect your music and prevent leaking. more info...
Protecting music, artists and revenue has become a crucial part of promotion and basic set up for labels over the last years. With our watermarking technology you can protect your music and prevent leaking. It is crucial especially during promotion and pre-release. Personally watermarked music will automatically be treated more carefully as the own "name" is related to it and can be tracked which means consequences for the recipient can be disastrous when a leak is found. Watermarking your music is a little investment with a big impact in protecting your music, preventing leaks, fighting piracy and saving revenue. Our vision is to make this technology simple and affordable for everybody.

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