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Push Media Promotion GmbH
Gabelsbergerstr. 16
83527 Haag i. OB

The website is operated by Push Media Promotion GmbH in Germany. The data transmitted to Push Media Promotion GmbH is hosted in Germany and is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Contact information
Phone: +49 (0) 89 457 087 42
Contact information for inquiries in English: +49 (0) 89 457 087 42

Representatives of the service provider
Managing directors: Gunnar Siewert, Alex Racic

Registration court and registration number
Handelsregister AG M√ľnchen
HRB 173619

VAT tax identification number pursuant to § 27a of the German Value Added Tax Act
DE 259198760

Person responsible for content
Gunnar Siewert

Technical realisation
Alex Racic

Disclaimer and limitation of liability for Push Media Promotion GmbH (PMP)
The content of any web banners and the content published by the users or third parties does not originate from PMP. This content does not reflect the opinion of PMP, and PMP does not accept such content as its own. PMP is not responsible for any content, which is published by the users or by authors in their own accounts, since a complete review of such content is impossible given its sheer scope. PMP expressly disclaims any and all liability for content which did not originate from PMP, (i) if PMP does not have knowledge of the unlawful acts or the information and, in the event there are compensatory damage claims, is unaware of any facts or circumstances, which make such unlawful acts or information evident, or (ii) if, promptly following receipt of such knowledge, PMP took action to remove the information or block access to it. Liability is also expressly disclaimed with respect to the content of other websites, to which reference is made on the PMP portal specifically via hyperlinks.