What is PJB?

PromoJukeBox is an online application that allows you to add a watermark to your tracks if you want to send them for promotion to avoid leaks.

Why PromoJukeBox?

Protecting music, artists and revenue has become a crucial part of promotion and basic set up for labels over the past years. With our watermarking technology you can protect your music and prevent leaking. It is particularly crucial during promotion and pre-release. Personally watermarked music will be treated more carefully as the “name” related to it can be tracked. This means consequences for the recipient. Watermarking your music is a little investment with a big impact in protecting your music, preventing leaks, fighting piracy and saving revenue. Our vision is to make this technology simple and affordable for everybody.

Who is PromoJukeBox?

Est. 2007 - we provide high-end watermarked promotion solutions for companies like Sony, Universal, PIAS, Beggars Group, Cooperative Music, Nettwerk and many, many more. We love to protect your music!

Can everybody use PromoJukeBox?

Simple answer. Yes! Whether you are a record company, artist, small label, publicist, promo agency, promoter, publisher and so on. Just try it.

Can I provide broadcast-ready audio material?

Yes you can. We provide WAV.

I have sub-labels. Can I manage them independently?

Yes you can. We provide multiple templates with individual layout options for each of your sub-labels within one account.

I run a promotion agency. Can I use PromoJukeBox?

Yes you can. We provide multiple templates with individual layout options for each of your clients within one account.

Are there any system requirements I need?

No. Just a computer, browser and internet connection.

Do my promo-partners need any system requirements?

No. Just a computer, browser and internet connection somewhere in this universe.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we are state-of-the-art.

Can I sell my music with PromoJukeBox?


Can PromoJukeBox put me on the promotion lists?

Sorry no. All mailing lists in PromoJukeBox are managed and owned by our clients who are using our service. If you are interested in receiving promos from our clients, you need to get in touch with them directly. Sign in doesn't lead to receiving samples from the labels working with us.

How can I sign in?

Just click here.

Does PromoJukebox provides mailing lists or Promo Pools?

No. All mailing lists are managed and owned by the clients that are using our service.

Can I give my promotion company access to the product I have uploaded?

Yes you can The promotion company just set up a free account with us and then you simply share the product with them.

More questions?

Just drop us a line at [jsaddress]