Copyright certification and protection for the digital age

PromoJukeBox provides a unique international storage and traceability service that allows songwriters, authors, creators and legitimate copyright owners to file/upload their works (such as songs, music, lyrics etc) and thereby to digitally certify that these works were in their possession at the date and time of certification. In the case of counterfeiting, plagiarism or other intellectual property disputes, the certification is an important part of proving the contracting partners’ copyright in such works as the proof of the copyright is the responsibility of the person that claims to be the copyright owner of a work.

We live in a time where communication, collaboration, speed and feedback are the core of most creative processes. Therefore tracks will be digitally shared in the writing and production stage, i.e. long before promotion starts or the release is scheduled with:

This means the risk of total or partial forgery or theft is very high and the existing options to register and protect your work, offered by the collecting societies which are from the last century, are too slow, restrictive and insufficient.
The existing models are not built for the digital world and the current workflow. In the event that you need to go to court to claim your copyright, you have to prove that you have created the song first and securing the proof of copyright with an ownership certification is your responsibility!

In the event that the copyright owner needs to go to court regarding a plagiarism he has to prove that he has have created the work first and it is his responsibility to secure his copyright with a certification proving that this work was in his possession before the plagiarism.

To solve this problem, we have combined the copyright ownership register and certification process with our long-established watermark service PromoJukeBox to protect your work.

SecureYourCopyright adapts the digital workflow and creates a homogeneous communication chain in the creative process which is absolutely crucial for registering and protecting your music against plagiarism, copyright infringement and piracy!

SecureYourCopyright takes copyright protection with an ownership certification to the digital workflow and age.


  1. "Copyright" is established and actually exists at the very moment when an original song or musical work is created and fixed in a tangible and accessible form, as recorded or written.
  2. Copyright varies from one country to another. For example in Europe (29th October 1993 European directive) law extends the term of copyright protection to 70 years post-mortem (the same in the US), which means that 70 years after the death of the author, the work falls within the public domain.


PromoJukeBox’s SecureYourCopyright provides a unique international storage and traceability service that allows songwriters, creators and legitimate copyright owners to file and digitally certify the ownership of their original works (songs, music and lyrics) in case of counterfeiting, plagiarism or other property disputes.

In case of total or partial copyright infringement you MUST:
ESSENTIALLY it is also necessary to establish the anteriority of the ACCESS to the music work.
You will have to:


Certifying your music on PromoJukeBox’s SECUREYOURCOPYRIGHT will provide you with a documented proof of ownership from the date of upload, which is absolutely necessary if you want to protect your work. This proof of ownership of copyright is not only essential, but it is also a legal obligation in case of lawsuit. Securing that proof of copyright ownership is your responsibility!


Directly submitting your original music work online on our servers is a fast, safe and secure process. Our unique and international copyright certification service is open to all songwriters and music creators who wish to register the copyright of their work and who wish to get a proof of certified ownership in the form of a certificate of copyright.


Under the Copyright Act, the songwriter enjoys certain rights, including the exclusive right to obtain fair remuneration for his creative work. These rights are granted by default as soon as the music and/or lyrics are written or recorded. By registering your work on PromoJukeBox’s SECUREYOURCOPYRIGHT, you will help establish and approve these rights with immediate effect from the date of the upload, receiving a copyright certificate.
A single song usually contains the following copyright categories:
All of these additional rights are included when registering/certifying original songs and music.


PromoJukeBox and SECUREYOURCOPYRIGHT brings together ALL that is needed to protect your music against copyright infringement in the digital age:


Our vision is to make copyright protection with an ownership certification safe, simple and affordable for everyone.