Takedownleak is a seamlessly integrated anti-piracy service that gives you the option to protect all stages of your release.


With TakeDownLeak we give you the option to observe and beat your biggest competitor in the market: Piracy

Indeed, your biggest competitor in the market is piracy. According to various surveys about one third of the world is still pirating music i.e. you are losing about one third of your income and one third of your visibility. In a world that’s driving towards freemium streaming models, protecting your work from piracy has become even more important because every leak that will be listened to offline is not only taking away your revenue but also damaging the visibility of your artist and visibility is the currency of the modern age.

As revenues from music access models are exploding around the globe, we finally have realised that we are in the business of "attention" not the business of sales. How can we drive music to its highest possible value?

To achieve this goal our vision is to provide an anti-piracy solution during all stages of content creation and content selling.

TakeDownLeak takes copyright and anti-piracy protection to the digital age and workflow.

What do we do?

With TakeDownLeak you can start to knock out your biggest competitor in the market.

Who can use TDL?

TakeDownLeak is strictly limited to rights owners, record companies, management or authorised agents.

Our vision is to make anti-piracy protection simple and affordable for everyone.